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The doors open with a noise that echoes down the platform, and people start to move. Who are these people start to move. Who are these people climbing into the carriages? What does this journey mean to each passanger? A reunion with their loved ones, a family visit, a quest for wealth, a triumphant or shamefaced return home, a discovery, an adventure, a need to flee or to find. The train is filling up with all these possibilities. —Aleph by Paulo Coelho

“If someone really likes you, they will try to listen to your favorite music, read your favorite books, and watch your favorite movie even if he thinks it’s cheesy. They will try to understand you from simple things.”

Moon River (Audrey Hepburn)
Cover by The Honey Trees
I love this <3

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“Masa-masa sulit itulah yang mendewasakanmu”

—   Citra Dewi
Epic Java is a breathtaking stop motion and time lapsed movie. This movie isn&#8217;t perfect, but the imperfection make this movie become great.I really appreciate for those who made this movie. I know It&#8217;s not easy to make this movie comes true, but in the end you made it!
PS: Thank you for the  package and the lovely handwritten postcard

“Don’t stress the could haves. If it should have, it would have”

||Takk (IS) means thank you.
Thank you for the prayers, wishes, and the supports. I&#8217;m feel blessed. Welcome 21 ❤